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Yngwie Johan Malmsteen (/ve mlmstin/ “ING-vay” “MAHLMsteen”, born Lars Johan Yngve Lannerbck on 30 June 1963) is a Swedish guitarist, songwriter, multi instrumentalist and bandleader. Malmsteen became known for his neoclassical playing design in heavy metal.

He played briefly with Steeler, part of the 1983 self-titled record, subsequently appeared on Graham Bonnet’s record Alcatrazz, their 1983 debut No Parole from Rock #8216,n’ Roll, along with the 1984 live album Live Sentence. His record was supposed to be an instrumental side project of Alcatrazz, but it included vocals, and Malmsteen left Alcatrazz shortly following the release of Rising Force. Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force (as his group was then known) next released Marching Out (1985). Jeff Scott Soto filled vocal responsibilities on these first records. They recruited drummer Anders Johansson and bassist Marcel Jacob to record and tour together with the group. Marcel left in the center of a tour and was replaced by Wally Voss. Yngwie played the bass guitar on this particular record himself. In 1987, another singer, former Rainbow vocalist Joe Lynn Turner joined his group together with Bob Daisley on bass guitar. That year, Malmsteen was in a serious car crash, smashing his V12 Jaguar E-Type into a tree and placing him in a coma for a week. Nerve injury to his right hand was reported. In this time, Malmsteen’s mom died from cancer. In April 1988 he released his fourth album Odyssey. Odyssey was his largest record up to now, in part because of the success of its first single “Heaven Tonight”. Shows in Russia, Soviet Union, throughout the Odyssey tour were recorded, and released in 1989 as a fifth record Trial by Fire: Live in Leningrad. The classic Rising Force lineup with Yngwie, Jens and Anders break in 1989 when Jens joined Dio and Anders Blue Murder.

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Birth date: June 30, 1963
Birth place: Stockholm, Sweden
Height: 6 ft 2 in (1.905 m)
Profession: Songwriter, Musician, Guitarist, Record producer, Multi-instrumentalist
Nationality: Sweden
Spouse: April Malmsteen

How rich is Yngwie Malmsteen?

Yngwie Malmsteen Net Worth: $7.5 Million