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He also directed the movie version of “The Spirit”, shared directing duties with Robert Rodriguez on “Sin City” and produced the movie “300”. He’s also famous for creating the comic book character “Elektra”. Miller grew up a comics enthusiast, using a letter he wrote to Marvel Comics being printed (The Cat #3 (April 1973)). His first published work was at Western Publishing’s Gold Key Comics imprint, gotten in the recommendation of comics artist Neal Adams, to whom a unfledged Miller, after moving to Nyc, had revealed samples and received much criticism and occasional casual lessons. Though no printed credits appear, he’s tentatively credited with all the three-page story “Royal Feast” in the authorized TV series comic book The Twilight Zone #84 (June 1978), by an unknown writer, and is credited with all the five-page “Endless Cloud”, additionally by an unknown writer, in the next issue (July 1978). Onetime Marvel editor in chief Jim Shooter remembered Miller going to DC Comics after having broken in with “a little occupation from Western Publishing, I believe. So emboldened, he went to DC, and after becoming savaged by Joe Orlando, got in to see art director Vinnie Colletta, who understood ability and arranged for him to get a onepage warcomic occupation”. The Grand Comics Database will not list this occupation, there might happen to be a one page DC narrative, or Shooter could have misremembered the page count or happen to be referring to the two-page narrative, by writer Roger McKenzie, “Slowly, painfully, you like the right path in the cold, choking debris#8230,” in Weird War Tales #68 (Oct. 1978). Other fledgling work at DC comprised the six-page “The Greatest Story Never Told”, by writer Paul Kupperberg, in the exact same issue, as well as the five-page “The Edge of History”, composed by Elliot S. Maggin, in Unknown Soldier #219 (Sept. 1978).

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Birth date: January 27, 1957
Birth place: Olney, Maryland, United States
Height: 6 ft 1 in (1.86 m)
Profession: Screenwriter, Comic Book Creator, Writer, Artist, Author, Film director, Actor, Visual Artist
Nationality: United States of America
Spouse: Lynn Varley (m. ?–2005)
Nominations: Hugo Award for Best Related Work, Locus Award for Best Non-Fiction
Movies: Sin City
TV shows: HypaSpace

How rich is Frank Miller?

Frank Miller Net Worth: $40 Million