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Josh comes from a lineage filled with significant people. On his dad’s side, his grandpa, Eric Flagg (dead), was a former Jewish leader in the La community. His grandmother, Edith Flagg, was a former high degree executive in the fashion industry. On his mom’s side, his great grandfather was Benjamin Platt (dead), creator of the Platt Music Corporation which owned and ran a chain of music stores. Josh likes to travel and is in an openly homosexual committed relationship. Upon graduation from high school, Josh determined to not join up with the family’s property development company, but instead struck out by himself to turn into a high end real estate representative in the Sunset Strip and Beverly Hills areas. The show chronicles Josh’s participation in the property sales of a few of the very munificent properties in Southern California. Along with co stars Josh Altman and Madison Hildebrand, the show has created all three strong realtors as accurate TV celebs.

It’s tough to nail Josh Flagg’s net worth. He’s two primary sources of income. Approximations have set his wages for the reality series at about $2.0 million a year. His yearly income from an unpredictable California housing marketplace is very hard to ascertain. He now gets 2%-6% of every deal he agents, however he just gets paid when the sales close. While he’s certainly in line to get an enormous bequest from his 93 year old grandma, recent estimates place Josh’s present net worth at around $8.0 million.

Josh Flagg’s Bequest from Edith On August 13, 2014 Edith Flagg, Josh’s Grandma, died in La. Edith was a fantastic girl and one of a kind! She was a well-known fashion designer and philanthropist. From escaping the holocaust to becoming among the very beloved women in Beverly Hills, Edith make he mark with this Earth for 94 wonderful years! It is quite well known that Josh and Edith were incredibly close and this loss continues to be really hard hitting for Josh and family. We are figuring that the majority of Edith’s riches will likely be inherited by her kids and after that finally work it is way to Josh, but who understands!

Edith was apparently worth more than $100 million! Wow! What an achievement for her. Actually the American dream in actions! A lot of people are asking if Josh will inherit some of the cash. From that which we are able to tell, he likely does not care much about it and would flush it all down the toilet to have his grandmother back. He also has lots of his own cash from record breaking property sales before several years as well as his salary from Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. Joshua Daniel Flagg, better known just as Josh Flagg, is a agent who became famous through the Bravo network’s. He’s son of Michael and Cindy Flagg. Flagg continues to be in a longterm relationship with Colton Thorn, a fashion designer. Flagg got an early start in property selling properties in Beverly Hills as well as other high end regions of LA.

He’s the only first cast member still on the show. Flagg’s yearly income will be different considerably from one year to another based on the property marketplace and revenue of money-making
properties. Nevertheless, a conservative income approximation for both 2013 and 2014 would place his yearly income over 2 million dollars. Having acquired his riches during the real-estate business, Flagg naturally possesses several property properties for private use along with the investment possibility. Flagg’s net worth is considered to be about 10 million dollars. Josh Flagg Quotations “Not so confident Altman gets the same worth as we do, he can pretty much do anything to one to get a listing, even though this means sending his helper dressed in a silly building ensemble as much as a development website to snoop about. Who knows what other schemes he’s up his sleeve?”

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Birth date: August 20, 1985 age 29
Birth place: Los Angeles, California, United States
Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Profession: Real Estate Broker, Author, Presenter
Education: Beverly Hills High School (2003–2004), Brentwood School (2003), Stephen S. Wise Temple Elementary School
Nationality: United States of America
Partner: Colton Thorn (2008–)
Parents: Cindy Flagg, Michael Flagg
TV shows: Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

How rich is Josh Flagg?

Josh Flagg Net Worth: $8 Million